Oven Accessories

Bake crusty artisan breads, roast vegetables, grill meats or even toast

marshmallows. Our oven accessories will make your Patio Oven experience even more enjoyable.

Tool Set

Our tool set gives you the implements you will need for tending the fire, baking and cleaning your oven. Add the optional tool rack to your Patio Oven base to keep everything organized.

Tool Rack

Designed for the Patio Oven with organization in mind, the tool rack attaches to the side of the optional base.

Grill Kit

Our grill kit turns your oven into a wood fired grill. It’s perfect for meats, veggies or any seasonal food. Pan, Tongs and Rack included.

Leather Saftey Gloves

Durable and dependable, our leather safety gloves are thick and protective, with a soft inner lining.

Log Rack

The log rack allows air to flow under the wood to keep

the fire burning. We strongly encourage using a log

rack when cooking with wood.

(Comes standard with the Patio Oven 5.8)

Rib Rack

The rib rack allows air to flow around all sides of your ribs to add flavor and cook evenly. Drip pan included.

Smoker Box

Drop some wood chips in and add flavor with out a mess when cooking with gas in the Patio Oven 5.8. Stainless steal - simple and clean.

Infrared Thermometer

Take the guess work out of cooking. Just point the beam to be sure you’re ready to cook. The infrared thermometer gives you an accurate temperature of the cooking surfaces or the entree you’re cooking. Know when to put the food in and when to take it out.

Download PDF Specifications